Fabio Camping! 🌳⛺

Camp for FREE if you participate in Marathon Enkelana. Register here.

Located in Pogradec, Kamping Fabio is the perfect spot for marathon participants like you. Here’s what awaits you:

📶 Free WiFi: Stay connected with the world while embracing the great outdoors. Share your epic moments with friends and family!

🍽️ Taste of Tradition: Indulge in the authentic flavors of the area with our delectable traditional foods, offered at incredibly low prices. Experience a culinary journey like no other! 🍲🌽

💧 Fresh Water: Stay hydrated with our pristine, crystal-clear water. Refresh yourself and replenish your energy for the marathon ahead!

🚿 Invigorating Showers: After an exhilarating run, unwind and revitalize with our invigorating showers. Feel the stress melt away as you enjoy the soothing flow of water. 💦

🅿️ Ample Parking: Don’t worry about finding a parking spot. We provide convenient and secure parking facilities for all participants. Your vehicle will be safe throughout your stay.

🚽 Clean Bathrooms: Our well-maintained bathrooms offer comfort and convenience. Freshen up or take a moment of relaxation, knowing that cleanliness is our top priority.

🌳 Natural Beauty: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature surrounding Kamping Fabio. Wake up to stunning sunrises and sleep under the starry night sky. Unwind and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

🤩 Plus, there’s so much more to explore and discover! Capture unforgettable moments and create memories that will last a lifetime. Share your camping experience with us using #KampingFabioAdventure.

📆 Mark your calendars and secure your spot at Kamping Fabio for an extraordinary camping experience during the marathon. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! 
See you soon! ✨🏕️

Së bashku me @kryqi_i_kuq_shqiptar , @albania.adventure & @bashkiapogradec ofrohen kampingje 🏕️ në fshatin 📍Lin, 📍Udenisht dhe 📍Tushemisht në afërsi të qytetit 🏞️ Pogradec, 🗓️ në datat: 28.07.2023 dhe 29.07.2023
Kampingjet janë me të gjitha kushtet, ku përfshihen:
1. 🏕️ Çadra
2. Dyshek (prej sfungjeri)
4. 🥤 Ujë
6. 🚾🚻
7. Parkim
🤫 Me cmime shumë të volitshme 😉
Together with @kryqi_i_kuq_shqiptar , @albania.adventure & @bashkiapogradec , campsites are offered 🏕️ in the villages of 📍Lin, 📍Udenisht and 📍Tushemisht near the city 🏞️ Pogradec, 🗓️ 28.07.2023 and 29.07.2023
Campsites are with all conditions, including:
1. 🏕️ Tents
2. Beds (with sponge)
3. 🥪🌮 Food
4. 🥤 Water
6. 🚾🚻
7. Parking
🤫 With affordable prices 😉


Foods and Drinks